Contact me via email or by telephone. We can discuss your options, typically a five-session course, holiday workshop day/s, or a stand-alone two-hour intensive session. You let me know which text/s you would like to study. We schedule your first session within two weeks, giving me time to prepare your bespoke learning course. At the end of each session, you receive a review of the learning and progress, detailing what we covered, targets, and what to prepare for the next session. Payment is in advance and can be paid by cheque, bank transfer or cash. Each course costs £200-£250 (depending on qualification).


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How does 'English Literature Tutoring' work?

I can help with reading, analysing and writing about literature and language. I can read a set text with you and explore ideas as we read, or you can have read or even studied the text already and need guidance with themes, character, narrative style or layers of meaning ready for assessment. Similarly, you may need help revising a set text. I will also ensure you are fully prepared for all of your Literature and Language exams.

I also deliver a literacy scheme which I deliver in schools which aims to increase reading age, improve spelling, and vocabulary. This has a proved success record with 95% of 11 year old students increasing their reading age by at least 6 years. 

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What can you help me improve?
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I have nearly 20 years' experience of teaching young people between 11 and 18 years old. I have taught lessons 1:1, small group, standard 30+ class size, and delivered seminars to groups of 200. I have been Head of English and Head of Faculty for five years in a comprehensive school in Newbury which was rated 'Outstanding' in 2013. Previous to that I was second in department, Head of Key Stage 4, Head of Drama and Head of House. I have a PGCE in secondary education from Oxford Brookes and a combined honours degree in English Literature and Drama with Theatre Studies.

What experience have you had?

For every session you have, I need to arrange childcare, therefore the more notice I have, the better. Cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will be charged at £40 per session. Refunds will not be issued for cancelled sessions, unless I cannot honour completion of the course.

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How much notice do I need to give if I need to rearrange a session?
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Where would the sessions take place?

Sessions take place at my home in Combe or via Skype or BOTIM  for students based in UAE. Occasionally, I am able to offer sessions in Witney library or coffee shops in Summertown (2-hour session minimum).

I've never had a tutor, what can I expect?
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I aim to offer a personal approach, loaded with experience and exam know-how. I am a mum as well as a teacher, so I know how important this is to both student and parent/guardian. 


After you make the initial contact, I will need a couple of weeks to thoroughly prepare, and depending on the waiting list, will aim to book our first session two weeks later.


We will establish what you need to know, areas to cover and set targets. I will encourage you to ask questions of the text and learn to think for yourself and give you confidence to construct a written and/or verbal response to texts. I don't have all the answers, there are no 'right' answers in English, but I do know how to analyse texts, think about layers of meaning, critical reading and theories, and how to present yourself positively to an examiner. A progress report will also be given to share at home.